• Sailor Moon

    Usagi Tsukino is a normal girl until she meets up with Luna, a talking cat, who tells her that she is Sailor Moon. As Sailor Moon, Usagi must fight evils and enforce justice, in the name of the Moon and the mysterious Moon Princess. She meets other girls destined to be Sailor Senshi (Sailor Scouts), and together, they fight the forces of evil!

    Note: The anime is LOOSELY based on the manga, so that might be why the story might seem unrecognizable. Also, Naoko Takeuchi released a re-illustrated version of Sailor Moon a few years after the series had been finished after she had dropped Love Witch.

    This manga won the Kodansha Manga Award in 1993 for shōjo.
  • Sailor Danshi

    From Blissful Sin:

    Seeing a friend dressed up in a sailor uniform at a drinking party, his heartbeat immediately speeds up and his crotch starts throbbing! To find out why, he takes his friend to a love hotel and...? The arousing sailor uniform clinging to a muscular body, bondage brothers, oyaji harassment, sex on the beach and much, much more - all in this fully-loaded novel!
  • Beach Stars

    Taken from Baka-updates:

    This is the story of Nanase Iruka. She's short, tomboyish, and her one joy in life is volleyball. On Iruka's 17th birthday, her Volleyball club is disbanded. Feeling somewhat depressed she and her friends from the club take a trip to the beach and discover Beach volleyball. Iruka can't wait to play and rushes to the court only to be told to give up being a player because of her short stature by the local Volleyball Diva. In a rage, Iruka challenges her to a match to prove her abilities. It doesn't look like she has a chance, but Iruka has a secret weapon, and nobody will ever make fun of her on the beach again....well....Not about her ability to play Volleyball anyway..
  • Codename: Sailor V

    **This is a prequel to the manga 'Sailor Moon'

    You can even find Usagi (Serena), her friends the Sailor Scouts and even Luna? in this manga.**

    Codename Sailor V tells the story of Minako Aino, a 13 year old middle school student, who is slightly distracted, out-spoken and dreams about some day finding true love. But soon, her calm and normal life changes when she encounters a talking white cat with a crescent moon on its forehead. This cat introduces himself as Artemis and claims that Minako is a girl with the power to transform into a Sailor Scout.

    He calls her "Venus" and tells her she has a mission to protect the Earth. To help her with her new mission, Artemis gives her magical items.

    Sailor V begins fighting the evil known as the Dark Agency, who fight under Danburite's command. He's in charge of sending his many talented idols to enslave the public.

    She also later gained the aid of Kaitou Ace, who has his own TV show. Will she provail against evil and find her true love?
  • [email protected] Dearly Stars: Neue Green

    Based on the Idolmaster Dearly Stars DS game.

    Ryou has always had a problem with his feminine appearance. As a child he was often mistaken as a girl, and to his disappointment, that didn't change even after he got to high school. One day he came up with his best idea yet for gaining masculinity; he decided to become a male idol!

    His cousin Ritsuko worked in the idol industry, so she was able to get him an audition. Unfortunately for his master plan, the company decided that he would make a wonderful female idol. Now, to even have a chance at becoming a male idol, he must first become successful as a girl!
  • Sailor Fuku ni Onegai!

    When Hina hits a homerun ball and goes to get it back, she realizes she has damaged a shrine with the baseball. When she touches the object inside the shrine, the object is absorbed into her, and she becomes the shrine's god. Now she is protected by the shrine's guard dogs, Shishi and Koma. Along the way she meets other spirits, guardians, and the legendary nine-tailed fox.
  • The!! Beach Stars

    Sequel of Beach Stars, the story begins where it stopped in the first one.

    Nanase, who's now the representative of her prefecture, has finally joined the Madonna Cup and will do everything in her power to defeat her one and only target: Hayakawa Sanae!
  • Sailor Fuku, Tokidoki Apron

    Honoka Aono is an attractive 17-year-old high-school sophomore. One summer day, suitcase in tow, she arrives at Musashi Koganei Station. A little away from this station, deep in a quiet suburban town, is the apartment her grandfather built.

    That's right – starting today, Honoka is going to be a landlord!

    Wearing her sailor school uniform by day and her landlord's apron after school, Honoka sets out to manage this building... which happens to be home to some very beautiful women. What kinds of heart pounding, exciting adventures await Honoka?!
  • [email protected] Dearly Stars: Splash Red

    Ai, wishing to become an idol as famous as her mother once was, has been participating in tests at various talent agencies, but she has failed every single one of them. Her inability to even begin to follow into her mother's footsteps becomes a complex to her.

    As Ai bursts into tears, alone in a public park, she is approached by 765 Production idol Haruka Amami, who was a special judge at one of the tests Ai has taken. Having sensed something special about Ai's singing, Haruka comforts her and introduces her to 876 Production's president Ishikawa. The president is very quick to invite Ai into 876, as she believes that her mother's name alone should be enough to propel Ai to the top. Ai protests, stating that she wants to become an idol using only her own strength. She is then given one chance to prove herself, at a rookie idol audition.
  • The Two Stars Love

    {From Tarot Cafe}

    Junhee Lee is an average high school girl. She's pretty dense, you could say, and she's a tough girl willing to beat up anyone who ticks her off in one teensy second! She's the Jjang of her high school, but she didn't even know it. She had beaten the previous Jjang on the first day of school- but let's just say she thought the Jjang was a phony. He was just too weak! Junhee is obsessed with the boy band "OZ", and she's starstruck when she's faced with her favorite member! But her rival-in-love is a pop singer, and they must fight fight fight!
  • [email protected] Dearly Stars: Innocent Blue

    Eri Mizutani, mostly known as ELLIE on Internet, is a hikikomori that spends most of her time chatting on the Internet with people that she hardly knows. One day she receives a message from a producer named Ozaki who encourages her to debut as a real idol. Eventually she is able to build up the courage to meet Ozaki. Then she makes her debut at the 876 productions. She meets Ai and Ryo there and decides to give up her life as a net idol and hikikimori. Will Eri be succesful in the idols world?
  • Sailor Moon dj - Crystal Planet H&M

    Sailormoon doujinshi featuring Haruka & Michiru.

    Volume 1

    1) First Stage - Wander (Aosaki, Natsuru)

    2) Second Stage - Berangkat (Aosaki, Natsuru)

    (Third stage was released inside Love Chaser 4 : I Want to Become the Wind).

    3) Recurrence - Tenoh Haruka and Kaioh Michiru (Minami, Kazuka)

    4) Half Moon (Minami, Kazuka)

    5) Secret Moon (Sougetsu, Rei)

    6) Sweet Silence (Hokuto, Minami)

    7) A Solemn Promise (Toomine, Yukari)

    8) Endless Love (Tenou, Saya)

    9) Mermaid Dream Prologue (Akizuki, Setsu & Kouya, Hijiri)

    Volume 2

    10) Panis Angelicus (Minami, Kazuka)

    11) Mermaid Dream Chapter 1 (Akizuki, Setsu & Kouya, Hijiri)

    12) Sweet Soul Revue (Miike, Romuko)

    13) Losing and Finding Things Everyday (Etou, Atsuki)

    14) Sortilege (Matsukaze, Satori)

    15) Drifting Off to Sleep... (Yuukawa, Risa)

    16) Season of Endings (Akasaka, Arika)

    17) Where the Wind Is (Oowa Takumi)

    18) Messiah (Ginga Natsuka)

    19) How Many Times Must I...... (Komedawara Gonzaeko)

    In "Sweet Soul Revue," by Miike Romuko, Haruka brings some cake over to Michiru's place, and they fool around.

    "Drifting Off to Sleep..." by Yuukawa Risa focuses on Haruka's thoughts about Michiru's sacrifice in the middle of the third season.

    Akasaka Arika's "Season of Endings" deals with Haruka and Michiru's regret that they can't be with Sailor Moon.

    In "Losing and Finding Things Everyday," by Etou Atsuki, Michiru and Haruka talk about their future.

    In Matsukaze Satori's "Sortilege," Michiru thinks about her dreams.

    Komedawara Gonzaeko's "How Many Times Must I......" is about a t
  • Hetalia World Stars

    An offshoot of the original Hetalia - Axis Powers work, Hetalia - World Starts follows the strange personifications of Italy and other nations as they navigate their world.
  • Sailor Fuku to Juusensha

    Shimada Kanon aims to be the strongest tank crew in the Kantou region. With her best friends Mariko Mutsumi, and their World War II-era, Panther V, they form the Nora Middle School Tank Crew. Unfortunately, as they have no sponsor to fund their effort, their dream is still just that. However, a chance to make a name for themselves arrives when delinquents come knocking on their school's door riding T-55s...
  • Jump Super Stars

    Kobayakawa Sena (Eyeshield 21) meets Monkey D Luffy (One Piece), Naruto, Son Goku (Dragonball), Aya Toujou (Ichigo 100%), and Bobobo (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo) in this short adventure that serves as an advertisement for the game with the same name.
  • Shingeki no Kyojin dj - Sailor Fuku no Toriatsukai Setsumeisho

    Pairing: Erwin x Levi
  • Koushiki Ekkyouden - Fukumoto All Stars

  • Kingdom of Stars

    Oneshot about love, religion and a big misunderstanding that leads to a weird situation...
  • Aikatsu Stars! dj - Idol wa Renshuu ga Inochi!

  • Sailor Ace

    Heroine, Sakuragi Mayu, is a 2nd-year at Kantojo Gakuin. One day she decides to give up gyaru lifestyle and return to baseball she loved so much. What kind of pitching will be shown by Mayu, rumoured to be a genius pitcher!?
  • Haikyu!! dj - Sailor Pudding-chan

    Pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou/Kozume Kenma
  • Prince of Tennis dj - All Stars

    Pairing: TezukaxFuji
  • Sailor Moon dj - Cradlesong

    Sailor Uranus x Sailor Neptune.
  • Hetalia - World Stars

    An offshoot of the original Hetalia - Axis Powers work, Hetalia - World Starts follows the strange personifications of Italy and other nations as they navigate their world.
  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon dj - Yume kara Samete mo Soba ni Ite

    Pairing: Chibiusa x Hotaru
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